Overall Winner of the 2009 Kenya Top 100 Mid-Sized Companies Awards Fastest Growing Company Award | Pinnacle Award | Overall Company of the Year Award | Service Industry Champion Award | Entrepreneur of the Year Award | ISO 9001:2008 Certified
Service Delivery
We aim to ensure that all our plant and equipment will be in good working condition at all times
We aim to execute and deliver projects within stipulated contractual times or even better
We will go the extra mile in solving difficult cases put forward by the client
We will ensure that you can reach us by phone at all times
We aim to courteously answer your call within 3 rings.
We aim to attend to your call without sending you back and forth.
We will promptly, courteously and politely attend to all visitors within 2 minutes of their arrival.
When you visit us, the person you have come to see will meet you or let you know when they will meet you
  within 5 minutes of your appointment time
If you do not have an appointment, we shall do our best to attend to you within 5-10 minutes of your arrival or
  advice you on when to come back
If you need to wait longer we will keep you informed
When you write to us
We aim to respond with a full answer as soon as possible, but ideally within 2 working days of receiving your letter
If this is not possible, we will let you know we have received your letter and follow up with an answer within the
next 5 working days
When you email us
We aim to send a full reply immediately and certainly within 2 working days.
We will send you an immediate response acknowledging receipt of your email
When you send us a fax
We will ensure that our fax communication is working at all times.
We aim to respond immediately and certainly within 2 working days.
We commit to honoring the agreed payment terms with our subcontractors and suppliers at all times
From our stake holders
To provide us with accurate and timely information to facilitate prompt action
To observe our rules and regulation on procurement of works, goods and services
You shall not influence our staff in any manner whatsoever be it financial or otherwise
To make an immediate report on any erroneous commitments made by our staff
You have an obligation to give Mellech Engineering adequate cooperation to carry out duties
To provide feedback on the quality of our services to challenge us to improve our service delivery.
You will not intimidate, abuse or threaten us.
To respect the right of other stakeholders.
Over time Mellech has undertaken and commissioned projects of varied nature from Industrial Developments to Public Utilities,
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Skilled manpower and productive equipment are the backbone of timely, fast and efficient execution of Mellech’s construction projects.
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Service Standards
Performance Review
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